In the space of 35 minutes, theatre company Darkfield takes you on a nightmare journey to the depths of your imagination without you leaving your seat. After thrilling and unsettling audiences with their previous shows Séance, Coma and Flight, Darkfield has again transformed a shipping container into an impressive piece of immersive headphone theatre.

Using nothing but voice and sound effects in pitch darkness, they take each audience member on a bewildering, disturbing trip round a mysterious hotel and conference centre. We each have a chaperone who takes us down corridors, onto lifts and into different rooms, leading us deeper and deeper into the strange, sinister dream-like world. The binaural sound technology creates the sense of people moving around you, sometimes whispering in your ear so that you expect to feel their breath against your cheek.

With an eight-strong (pre-recorded) cast including Nigel Barrett, it is directed with ingenuity and skill by its writer Glen Neath and sound and technology specialist David Rosenberg. With voice recognition thrown into the high-tech mix, it promises a bespoke experience for every participant in a way that proves chilling and bleakly amusing. I stumbled out of the shipping container with relief that the nightmare wasn’t real but even in the bright sunlight it continued to haunt me.

Eulogy runs at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe until 28 August 2022. Tickets at and